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Java Developer

Who we are:
    Open-minded intellectuals who embrace emerging technologies on our mission to create innovative Software Engineering Solutions that will impact millions of users around the world. What sets us apart is our ability to take up new challenges and learn every day in our common effort to exceed our customers’ expectations and expand the frontiers of technology innovation.

We are looking for:
    A brainy and enthusiastic software developer with good understanding of software architecture and design issues as well as solid knowledge of Java programming to join our international engineering team and work on an engaging Sales Application Development Project with state-of-the-art technologies. 

    What you will do:
    • Support the technical design process by participating in the analysis of technical application requirements;
    • Assist in implementing analysis that will identify requirements related to people, processes, and technology; assist in the design phase;
    • Code and test program modules;
    • Actively participate in the execution and documentation of tests.

    What you must have:
    • Experience with OOP, Collections;
    • Extensive knowledge and experience in Java Multithreading and Concurrency;
    • I/O (files, streams) experience;
    • Experience with Unit testing (JUnit), Performance Testing (Jmeter), Selenium (nice to have);
    • Lambdas (Java 1.8) knowledge;
    • Spring framework knowledge (Spring boot, Spring IOC, Spring MVC, Springboot Actuator, JPA/Hibernate);
    • Domain Driven Design knowledge;
    • REST API design knowledge: resource-based modeling, Patterns for REST API design, HATEOAS (nice to have);
    • Experience with Build Tools (Gradle), Continuous Integrations, and Deployment automation (external configuration files management);
    • Pub-sub / JMS (Kafka, Redis, Weblogic Queues, HornetMQ) experience;
    • Cache (EhCache, MemCache, Redis) experience;
    • Thymeleaf, Spring Integration knowledge (nice to have).

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